At Sontimer we love mountains and snow. We know you can’t have the most fun possible out in the snow if you can’t see….

Our goal is to provide stylish functional goggles that are built tough with quality ingredients that challenge the idea performance eyewear is expensive.

Designed and based in the heart of the Snowy Mountains Australia renown for it’s variable winter weather. Tested globally in some of the world's best powder hot spots our goggles have gone through some serious R&D. To compliment this Sontimer is manufactured in the land of the tech giants, Taiwan. These goggles are put together with quality materials by the skilled hands of workers that can afford to drive a car to work. 

The idea was sparked in 2005, is it possible to make quality goggles more affordable? The challenge was set and the first goggles hit a couple of local shops in the Snowy Mountains for the 2006 Aussie winter. This happened to be one of the worst seasons on record, but that didn’t kill the dream. Now Sontimer can be found all across Australia, New Zealand and as far as Japan.

We would be stoked to help you live the dream out on the mountain by giving some clarity on that powder day….


Stefan Doyle